West Virginia State Office Complex

City leaders were searching for a catalyst to stimulate community efforts to revitalize downtown Logan, West Virginia. This office building has become that inspiration.

The building is designed to reflect the history and culture of the area while incorporating current technology and safety elements, thus empowering the community leaders to create a vibrant connected urban core.

This new 5-story building underscores its major role in the development and revitalization of downtown Logan by uniting office space for 127 employees for 6 State agencies under one roof, who were once scattered throughout the city.

The 53,200 SF building provides current technology, flexibility for future growth, and security features for existing and future tenants.

At the request of the Owner, the building was designed to be energy efficient “green” and meet sustainable design goals. To help achieve this, the HVAC system included the installation of 2 high efficiency condensing boilers, pumps with variable speed drive control, custom air handling units with chilled and hot water coils, variable air volume boxes with hot water heating coils, water cooled chiller with cooling tower, packaged rooftop energy recovery ventilator, and direct digital controls.

In addition, a tight building envelope was created with closed cell foam insulation and thermal efficient windows.

One of the unique features of the building is the daylight system which takes clues from older buildings that were designed to let daylight penetrate deep into the buildings by necessity. To enhance this effect we added “light louvers” which are devices that redirect daylight to the ceiling and diffuse natural light throughout the space. The open office were placed around the exterior of the building and the enclosed office along the interior wall so more of the tenants receive quality light. In addition, interior windows allow the daylight to pass to the center office.

For another feature, the plaza uses recycled brick pavers from the demolished street; the patterns intersect at a quilt star, a symbol of West Virginia heritage that is carried into the building’s main entry.

It is interesting to point out a stained glass window feature in this entry, which won a 2013 AIA Craftmanship Award. It is custom designed to reflect the culture and history of the area (images of a coal tipple, arrowheads, West Virginia Quilt Star, old Logan courthouse, etc.) and use as much glass from West Virginia Manufacturers as possible.

In March 2014, this project became LEED Certified.

Project Details
Commercial / Office, Government
Logan, West Virginia
52,300 SF approx.
Project Architect
Thomas R. Worlledge
Massaro Corporations
  • 2013 AIA Craftsmanship Award
  • 2014 LEED Certified Project